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PPC Coatings Polymorphic Polymers are highly modified rapid curing thermoset resins, applied to new and old concrete, steel, and fiberglass structures that require long lasting protection in severe corrosive and abrasive environments.

PPC Coatings can be applied year round, in extreme temperatures, ranging from minus 40°F to plus 160°F without the need for external heat assistance. Coatings cure within minutes to an hour, rapidly returning the area to service, saving expensive “down time”.

  • Rapid curing coatings applied all year round
  • High flexural and compressive strength, excellent mechanical abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and U.V.
  • PPC Coatings have a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to that of concrete
  • Simple application by brush, roller, trowel and spray

PPC Coatings are resistant to a wide range of chemicals as well as U.V. rays, making PPC suitable for outdoor exposed applications. The high flexural strength of PPC coatings makes them suitable for tanks and steel structures. PPC Coatings provide outstanding impact and abrasion resistance for protection against heavy equipment and abrasive traffic. PPC Coatings have excellent bonding characteristics to concrete and steel, and with a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to concrete, PPC is resistant to cracking and delamination caused by thermal shock.

PPC Coatings are 100% solids without solvent entrapment after cure, which meet or are well below the maximum VOC emissions requirements. PPC Coatings have zero linear shrinkage.

PPC Coatings have stood the test of time. For over 30 years Polymorphic Polymers have successfully been applied and tested in the harshest conditions by government agencies around the world. Since 1984 PPC has successfully passed testing for waste water treatment application per Los Angeles County Sanitation District’s “Evaluation of Protective Coatings for Concrete.” PPC Coatings have been approved for contact with potable water by EPA and for application in the food processing industry by USDA and CDA.

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